5 Tech Devices That Can Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

By August 19, 2019 September 26th, 2019 Home Technology, Appliances

How to make your home Eco-Friendly (5 Recommended Products)

As real estate professionals with technology backgrounds, we’re often asked how to introduce smart-home technology into our clients home. Naturally, there’s the Ring Door Bell’s, Wi-Fi Cameras and Smart Thermostats. However, there’s so much more we can do, by introducing new smart technology that will also make your home more eco-friendly. Today we are going to talk about tech driven eco-friendly appliances. Replacing appliances is of course, more expensive than the mentioned smart devices, however many of us haven’t upgraded them in a long while. Appliance prices continue to decline, get smarter and consume less energy and water. So now is the time!

Here are five technology-driven products that will bring your home a little more comfort, while making your house more eco-friendly.

1- WF56H9100 Front Load Washer With Steam Wash by Samsung

Samsung Front Loading Washer

Swapping out your washer and dryer can have a big impact not only on the environment, but your monthly energy bills. Even though this Samsung model, for example, boasts a spacious, 5.6-cubic-foot drum, it uses almost 400 less gallons of water each year than some smaller capacity models, according to this 2019 Energy Star report. The brand’s DV22N6850HX dryer has similar electricity efficiencies compared to the competition. Just be sure to recycle your old units.

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2- LTCS24223S 23.8 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel by LG Electronics

Refrigerator in Stainless Steel by LG Electronics

ASAP’s study also reported that refrigerators’ energy use decreased by more than 50 percent. Nowadays, there are more energy-efficient models to choose from than ever—and you don’t have to sacrifice style or size either. If you opt for LG’s LTCS24223 top-freezer model, you’ll get 23.8 cubic feet of volume, which makes the appliance the largest Energy Star certified fridge out there. It also uses the least energy of its class.

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3- Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller (8 Zone)

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Who wants to worry about watering their lawn enough? Pair your automatic sprinkler system with this smart controller and let the system’s technology take care of the chore for you. Via its app (or your Amazon Alexa!), you can automatically skip watering in individual zones of your yard when the wind is above a certain speed, the weather is below a certain temperature, if it’s raining . . . the list goes on. Rachio promises that using the device can save you “up to 30 to 50 percent on your monthly water bill.” Plus, there’s the fact that improperly maintained watering systems can waste up to 25,000 gallons of water annually, according to the EPA. Best to keep it green while keeping it green, if you know what we mean.

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4- Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Alexa and Room Sensor

Eco-Friendly Smart Home Devices

As you probably know by now, smart thermostats take the guesswork out of setting your home’s heat or A/C at the proper temp. But better than that, installing one saves customers, on average, 24.5 percent on their monthly electricity bills, according to a study by Crescent Electric Supply Company. The devices keep getting smarter, too. We’re partial to the Ecobee4, which has a “Peak Relief” program that automatically cuts down on HVAC usage when electricity rates are at their highest.

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5- SolarHome 620 Portable Off-Grid Solar Lighting System by BioLite

Portable Off-Grid Solar Lighting System

Whether you’re planning on spending your summer weekends camping or just sipping wine on the back patio, you won’t need plugs nearby to light up the night. Forget finicky candles or low-light lanterns—the SolarHome 620 comes with a six-watt solar panel, 20-watt-hour battery, three hanging pendants, and a control unit featuring an FM radio and, for MP3 playback, an SD card slot. The system will also charge two cell phones or other devices via its USB ports, in case you’re not ready to go totally off the grid.

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